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IJMDC. Year: 2021, Volume: 5

    Original Research (Original Article)

  1. Patient experience and satisfaction in the practice of telemedicine: a cross-sectional study
    Fawziah Saad Almutary, Donya Youssef Qattan, Elham Hamoud Alotaibi
    IJMDC. 2021; 5(11): 1825-1831
    » Abstract » PDF» doi: 10.24911/IJMDC.51-1618768131

  2. Quality of life and self-esteem of patients 10 years post-bariatric surgery in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
    Abdulmajeed Ibrahim Alhaidari, Abdullah Saad Alsalamah, Muhannad Mohammed Alobaid, Abdulrahman Khalid Almisfer, Saud Abdulrahman Alhatim, Hamad Mohammed Alghanim, Abdullah Nassar Alsaleam, Mohammed Nasser Aldosari, Bader Abdulaziz Altulaihi
    IJMDC. 2021; 5(11): 1832-1838
    » Abstract » PDF» doi: 10.24911/IJMDC.51-1620422327

  3. Parental stress in Mecca, Saudi Arabia during the 2020 COVID pandemic lockdown: a cross-sectional study
    Ghady Algethami, Murouj Almaghrabi, Ahdab Bawashkhah, Arwa Abba, Maram Alshareef
    IJMDC. 2021; 5(11): 1839-1847
    » Abstract » PDF» doi: 10.24911/IJMDC.51-1623614607

  4. Knowledge, attitude, and practice of contact lens use and its complications among Majmaah University female students
    Sawsan Mustafa Abdalla, Aisha Mohammed Aleidan, Samira Nawaf Alrashidi, Tahani Abdelhameed Alsaeed, Nouf Z Almutairi
    IJMDC. 2021; 5(11): 1848-1856
    » Abstract » PDF» doi: 10.24911/IJMDC.51-1624660485

  5. Vaccinophobia among parents of preschool and primary school children in Al-Madina, Saudi Arabia
    Ayat Roushdy Abdallah, Nouf Khalid Hammad, Meaad Refaay Aljabri, Ameerah Ruzeeq Alhussaini, Khlood Awad Alshammari, Afnan Nathir Almuhammd, Rzaan Abdulraheem Almuzaini
    IJMDC. 2021; 5(11): 1857-1872
    » Abstract » PDF» doi: 10.24911/IJMDC.51-1626283391

  6. Pattern of ocular diseases among adult patients visiting ophthalmic clinics in Qassim University, Saudi Arabia 2021
    Nayef Fahad Alswaina, Abdulrahman Yousef Alammar, Ibrahim Abdalmahsn Alresaini, Ziyad Hussain Alawaji, Abdulmalik Ahmed Alsaeed, Ajlan Saleh Alajlan
    IJMDC. 2021; 5(11): 1873-1880
    » Abstract » PDF» doi: 10.24911/IJMDC.51-1628152653

  7. Knowledge and awareness of peripheral arterial disease among the diabetic population in Saudi Arabia
    Raghad Sami Aljuaid, Haneen Ali Alshehri, Nouran Khalid Althumali, Aeshah D. Alrabie, Mohammed S. Al Saeed
    IJMDC. 2021; 5(11): 1881-1887
    » Abstract » PDF» doi: 10.24911/IJMDC.51-1629658355

  8. The effects of personality traits on academic achievements among university students in Saudi Arabia
    Nurjahan Begum, Hadeel Saleh Alsaqer
    IJMDC. 2021; 5(11): 1888-1893
    » Abstract » PDF» doi: 10.24911/IJMDC.51-1629937018

  9. Prevalence of burnout and coping strategies among female university students in Saudi Arabia: a comparison between health and non-health majors
    Maha Zaid AlBaqami, Haneen Naif AlMughera, Tharaa Naif AlMughera, Rahaf Abdulsalam Alshahrani, May Hefdhallah AlMengethi, Reem Awad Alharbi
    IJMDC. 2021; 5(11): 1894-1900
    » Abstract » PDF» doi: 10.24911/IJMDC.51-1630355042

  10. Partial edentulism: pattern, distribution, relation to age and gender and prosthetic reconstruction for patients treated in dentistry clinics, Hail University
    Aisha Zakaria Hashem Mostafa, Sarah Mashan Dhaifallah Alshammari, Jawaher Saad Alrimali, Zainah Abbas Alhababi, Saja Awad Alamrani, Dhahyah Saleh Alshammari
    IJMDC. 2021; 5(11): 1901-1908
    » Abstract » PDF» doi: 10.24911/IJMDC.51-1630713626

  11. Prevalence of myopia and its association with electronic devices among university students in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
    Rakan Ahmed F. Al Otaibi, Mohammed Abdullah M. Alsahly, Faisal Abdulaziz M. Alnuwaiser, Badr Ayed Almutairi, Aamir Omair
    IJMDC. 2021; 5(11): 1909-1914
    » Abstract » PDF» doi: 10.24911/IJMDC.51-1630743647

  12. The prevalence and risk factors of spina bifida in infants and children in Taif city, Saudi Arabia
    Abdullah M. Khayat, Abeer H. Alharthi, Aeshah D. Alrabie, Nada E. Algethami, Jawaher S.H. Alotaibi, Rahma A. ALgethami, Maha N. Alshreef, Lama H. Alkhaldi
    IJMDC. 2021; 5(11): 1915-1920
    » Abstract » PDF» doi: 10.24911/IJMDC.51-1631106175

  13. Effect of socio-emotional factors on the subjective wellbeing of medical students in Saudi Arabia
    Abdulmajid Omran Alomran, Osama Mohaamad Wadaan, Nawaf Fahad Alnufaie, Faisal Abdullah Alghubaywi, Yousif Ibrahim Alshammari, Sajida Agha, Nazish Masud
    IJMDC. 2021; 5(11): 1921-1929
    » Abstract » PDF» doi: 10.24911/IJMDC.51-1631281721

  14. Awareness of causes of constipation in children among parents in Saudi Arabia
    Abdullah Faisal Alotaibi, Mishari Saud Almana, Rakan Ali Alsultan, Mohammed Nayel Alabdali, Faisal Ibrahim Alfawzan, Mohamud Mohamud
    IJMDC. 2021; 5(11): 1930-1938
    » Abstract » PDF» doi: 10.24911/IJMDC.51-1631384960

  15. Health-related studentsí knowledge of hepatitis-B virus and their attitude of vaccination compliance in Makkah city, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
    Salah Bakry, Asem Rashed, Talal Alharthi, Moayad Islam, Suhayb Bakry, Muhammad Irfanullah Siddiqui
    IJMDC. 2021; 5(11): 1939-1944
    » Abstract » PDF» doi: 10.24911/IJMDC.51-1631732781

  16. Knowledge and attitudes toward the safe use of intravascular contrast media in medical imaging among clinicians: a cross-sectional study
    Ali Alamer, Asim Aldhilan, Ziyad Almushayti, Abdulrahman Almuqbil, Ajlan Alajlan, Ali Alali, Abdullah Alyahya, Sharifa K. Alduraibi
    IJMDC. 2021; 5(11): 1945-1955
    » Abstract » PDF» doi: 10.24911/IJMDC.51-1632031115

  17. Reasons for sleeve gastrectomy, postoperative complications and self-reported patient satisfaction in Saudi Arabia
    Mona A. Alfadeel, Eman M. Aldraihim, Ethar F. Algheshem, Abeer A. Aldughayyim, Reham H. Hammouda, Kadi T. Alsayed, Norah M. Redwan, Maha S. Alotaishan, Rana Abdullah Alansari, Rana H. Alaprah
    IJMDC. 2021; 5(11): 1956-1961
    » Abstract » PDF» doi: 10.24911/IJMDC.51-1632251573

  18. A cross-sectional study on the impact of first-aid and basic life support courses on Saudi undergraduate medical studentsí knowledge, attitudes, and skills confidence
    Jehad T. Almutib, Mohammed K. Alsharef, Sajida Agha, Saleh M. Ab Alhassn, Abdulaziz A. Bin Shibrayn, Saud A. Alamri
    IJMDC. 2021; 5(11): 1962-1968
    » Abstract » PDF» doi: 10.24911/IJMDC.51-1632334868

  19. Diabetic patientsí awareness toward hypoglycemia attacks in Al Jouf region, Saudi Arabia
    Mansuor Ahmed Alanazi, Abdulaziz Saleh Alshamikh, Zainab Ali Mohammad Alfaqih, Mohammad Saleh Almarri, Faisal Besheit Almatrafi, Ammar Talal Eskandarani, Saud Mohammed Alowayfi, Khaled Ali Ali Hakami, Hatim Ibrahim Mohammed Mutanbak
    IJMDC. 2021; 5(11): 1969-1979
    » Abstract » PDF» doi: 10.24911/IJMDC.51-1633036222

  20. Parentsí knowledge and attitudes toward rheumatic heart disease in Saudi Arabia
    Mohamed Mahrous El Tellawy, Majed Hamed Alfallaj, Raghad Muwafiq Aldaghmi, Sarah Suda Alharbi, Rawan Rafi Alruwaili, Farah Saleh Alhablani, Ghadah Ayad Alruwaili
    IJMDC. 2021; 5(11): 1980-1987
    » Abstract » PDF» doi: 10.24911/IJMDC.51-1633287158

  21. Review Article

  22. Antioxidant properties of Zamzam water: a review for arsenic concerns and potential modulation of drug toxicity
    Naif Aljuhani
    IJMDC. 2021; 5(11): 1988-1995
    » Abstract » PDF» doi: 10.24911/IJMDC.51-1604775624

  23. Surgical repair versus conservative management in degenerative rotator cuff tears: systematic review and meta-analysis
    Sager Holyl Alruwaili, Abdullah Qasem Alruwaili, Musaad Mohammed Almari, Meshari Owaid Alanazi, Abdullah Mohammed Alzahrani, Ghazi Okla Alhassan, Hassan Ahmed Aljudia
    IJMDC. 2021; 5(11): 1996-2002
    » Abstract » PDF» doi: 10.24911/IJMDC.51-1632660225

  24. Self-medication among the elderly population; a systematic review
    Rubiaan S. Almadi, Khalid A. Aladwani, Mohammed N. Alqahtani, Ali A. Bin Nouh, Khalid H. Alanazi
    IJMDC. 2021; 5(11): 2003-2011
    » Abstract » PDF» doi: 10.24911/IJMDC.51-1632664106

  25. Case Report

  26. A good visual recovery in a patient with central retinal artery occlusion associated with Churg-Strauss syndrome: case report
    Raghad Mohammed AlAkel, Waleed AlOrabi
    IJMDC. 2021; 5(11): 2012-2015
    » Abstract » PDF» doi: 10.24911/IJMDC.51-1630009054

  27. Psychosis associated with COVID-19 infection - a case report
    Abdulsamad A. Aljeshi, Abdelrahim S. I. Abdelrahim, Mohammad A. Aljeshi
    IJMDC. 2021; 5(11): 2016-2017
    » Abstract » PDF» doi: 10.24911/IJMDC.51-1633361896