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Our mission is to provide relevant, useful, and up-to-date medical information to help healthcare providers solve clinical problems and improve patient care. With contributions from physicians, dentists, medical students and researchers from around the world, IJMDC provides a platform for the recent developments across many medicine and dentistry specialties, particularly from the developing world.

Each issue contains original research, academic review articles, health outcomes articles, case reports and basic research to assist health care professionals in making decisions by including the latest techniques and treatment options for treating their patients.

More than 8 authors (students/interns) are not acceptable until there is a special justification. For the articles authored by students/interns, they must include their research supervisor or consultant as co-author (8 students + 1 Supervisor/Consultant/Prof). Please see our Guide for Authors for more details. 

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IJMDC. Year: 2022, Volume: 6

    Original Research (Original Article)

  1. Mucopolysaccharidosis I: disease knowledge and patient’s journey in Saudi Arabia and Gulf Region
    Sameh Awaad, Yahia Aktham, Marwan ElBagoury, Aly Ezzat, Sherif Roushdy
    IJMDC. 2022; 6(6): 775-784
    » Abstract » PDF» doi: 10.24911/IJMDC.51-1632095880

  2. Obstacles and awareness of mammography screening among Saudi women attending King Abdulaziz Specialist Hospital in Taif city, Saudi Arabia
    Reem Mohammednoor Kalakattawi, Maha Olayan Alsufyani, Tohamy Halim Elkhouly, Fawwaz Ibrahim Algahtany, Sayed Qasim Raza
    IJMDC. 2022; 6(6): 785-792
    » Abstract » PDF» doi: 10.24911/IJMDC.51-1632991249

  3. Prevalence of electronic-cigarettes smoking among medical students in Makkah
    Abdulelah Fayez Alasmari, Faisal Alqurashi, Osama Alwafi
    IJMDC. 2022; 6(6): 793-800
    » Abstract » PDF» doi: 10.24911/IJMDC.51-1634999296

  4. Pap smear and cervical cancer perceptional study in Saudi Arabia - a cross sectional study
    Aishah Saleh Alrashidi, Ilham Abdulrahman Almousa
    IJMDC. 2022; 6(6): 801-812
    » Abstract » PDF» doi: 10.24911/IJMDC.51-1639231648

  5. Epidemiological, clinical, treatments, and outcome of patients infected with COVID-19 in Makkah, Saudi Arabia
    Sahar Hasan Alsharif, Rehab Mohammed Gaafar, Shuaa Yunis Mandili, Nizar Alsharif, Mohammad Kamel Alharazi, Fawaz Hamdi Aljehani, Khalid Abdullah Alafif
    IJMDC. 2022; 6(6): 813-823
    » Abstract » PDF» doi: 10.24911/IJMDC.51-1645021665

  6. The impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on medical education and specialty choices among clinical year students in Saudi Arabia: a nationwide cross-sectional study
    Abdullah Bukhari, Hamzah Alhamzah, Reema AlDera, Danah Almohaimeed, Norah Albdaya, Turki Alaudah, Abdulmalik Alawam, Asem Shadid
    IJMDC. 2022; 6(6): 824-830
    » Abstract » PDF» doi: 10.24911/IJMDC.51-1646807614

  7. Diabetic retinopathy among type I diabetic pregnant females; multi-disciplinary current practice and guidelines
    Abdulrahman Ghurmullah Almalki, Esra Adel Alkhader, Anwar Mohammed Ali Al-zahrani, Shadi Abdulhamid Alghamdi, Abdulhamid Al-Ghamdi
    IJMDC. 2022; 6(6): 831-841
    » Abstract » PDF» doi: 10.24911/IJMDC.51-1647514940

  8. Prevalence of stroke among menopausal females of Taif city, Saudi Arabia
    Ola Ahmed Shawqy Erfan, Raghad Khalid Alsherbi, Mashael Eidhah Alsufyani, Hanun Mohammed Aljuaid, Rawan Mazyad Alharthi, Nawal Dhaif Allah Alzahrani
    IJMDC. 2022; 6(6): 842-848
    » Abstract » PDF» doi: 10.24911/IJMDC.51-1647656078

  9. The effectiveness of the clinical skill sessions as perceived by the medical students at KSAU HS, Saudi Arabia
    Tarig A. Mohamed, Mahdi Sultan H. Albogami, Yousef Nawaf T. Alotaibi, Sultan Ahmed Alkahtani, Abdullah Mohammed Almoraei, Yasser Suliman A. Aljumaah, Emad Masudi, Marwa Kambal
    IJMDC. 2022; 6(6): 849-854
    » Abstract » PDF» doi: 10.24911/IJMDC.51-1650921921

  10. Review Article

  11. Common c.-32-13T>G mutations of the acid α-glucosidase gene in Pompe disease: an updated literature review
    Aly Ezzat, Marwan ElBagoury, Sherif Roushdy, Yahia Aktham
    IJMDC. 2022; 6(6): 855-863
    » Abstract » PDF» doi: 10.24911/IJMDC.51-1633655252

  12. Understanding the pathogenic and nonpathogenic mutations and implications of α-galactosidase variant D313Y in Fabry disease
    Aly Ezzat, Marwan El Bagoury, Sherif Roushdy, Yahia Aktham
    IJMDC. 2022; 6(6): 864-874
    » Abstract » PDF» doi: 10.24911/IJMDC.51-1634565050

  13. Mesenchymal stem cell-based therapies as a recent treatment modality in COVID-19: possibilities and challenges
    Gamal Kenawy, Yasmeen Alfouzan, Maryam Bajaber, Hadeel Alqasem, Shaimaa Banaji, Nurah Alkhteeb
    IJMDC. 2022; 6(6): 875-881
    » Abstract » PDF» doi: 10.24911/IJMDC.51-1642074541

  14. Motivators and barriers for seasonal influenza vaccination among healthcare workers in Gulf Cooperation Council countries: a systematic review
    Najd Alfouzan, Ahmed Almujil, Eyad Demyati, Shahad AlOtaiby
    IJMDC. 2022; 6(6): 882-890
    » Abstract » PDF» doi: 10.24911/IJMDC.51-1645083185

  15. Ulcerative colitis in Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
    Kamal Hazem A. Salama, Waleed Aljehani
    IJMDC. 2022; 6(6): 891-894
    » Abstract » PDF» doi: 10.24911/IJMDC.51-1650154226

  16. Biologic treatments for chronic rhinosinusitis
    Kamal Hazem A. Salama, Dakheelallah Al Mutairi
    IJMDC. 2022; 6(6): 895-899
    » Abstract » PDF» doi: 10.24911/IJMDC.51-1650155776