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IJMDC. Year: 2019, Volume: 3, Issue: 9

    Review Article

  1. Quantitative analysis of diffusion-weighted imaging in high-risk and newly diagnosed breast cancer patients: a systematic review
    Basmah Altuwayjiri
    IJMDC. 2019; 3(9): 01-04
    » Abstract & References » PDF» doi: 10.24911/IJMDC.51-1538825110

  2. Factors affecting the success of endodontic treatment (surgical or nonsurgical): a brief review
    Abdulmomen Mohammad Khan, Abdulrahman Mohammed Sindi, Jumana Abdulrahaman Alogaly, Mohammed Sameer Ashour
    IJMDC. 2019; 3(9): 05-08
    » Abstract » PDF» doi: 10.24911/IJMDC.51-154817580

  3. Original Research (Original Article)

  4. The accuracy of non-invasive 3D-CT virtual bronchoscopy technique in comparison with invasive technique
    Basmah Altuwayjiri
    IJMDC. 2019; 3(9): 09-13
    » Abstract » PDF» doi: 10.24911/IJMDC.51-1538516450

  5. General Public Awareness About Symptoms And Risk Factors Of Some Thyroid Diseases In KSA, Riyadh 2019
    Fahad Mohammed Alotaibi, Abdullah Mohammed Alotaibi, Faris Awadh Alotaibi, Abeer Mohammed Awaji, Faisal Raffa Alotaibi, Mohsen Mohammed Alyaseen, Daham Abdullah Aldaham, Khalid Aeyd Aldajani, Nawaf Abdullah Alotaibi, Khaled Khalifa AlWahabi
    IJMDC. 2019; 3(9): 14-20
    » Abstract » PDF» doi: 10.24911/IJMDC.51-1548539351

  6. The assessment of knowledge and awareness regarding bronchial asthma in the Saudi population
    Somaya Ibrahim Alghamdi, Hani Ahmed AlAbdullah, Abdulaziz Talal Qashqari, Hayat Mohammed Ibrahim Daghriri, Abdullah Mohammed Ibrahim Daghriri, Afnan Khalid AlNouri, Osama Ibrahim Alghamdi, Ahmed Saeed Ahmed Alamoudi, Ala'a Abdullah Yehya AlGhamdi, Abdulrahman Wasel Koja
    IJMDC. 2019; 3(9): 21-25
    » Abstract & References » PDF» doi: 10.24911/IJMDC.51-154870866

  7. The impact of changing branded statins into generic drugs at the National Guard Hospital in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
    Abdulaziz Dahham N Alshalan, Mohammed Fawzan A Almuhraj, Faris Awadh G Alotaibi, Mohammed Aldegiri, Hind Almodaimegh
    IJMDC. 2019; 3(9): 26-29
    » Abstract » HTML Fulltext» PDF» doi: 10.24911/IJMDC.51-1549965220

  8. Knowledge and attitude toward epilepsy among Ardabil Medical University students and staff, Ardabil, Iran
    Vahid Abbasi, Behnam Molaei, Noushin Mobaraki, Hasan Anari
    IJMDC. 2019; 3(9): 30-33
    » Abstract » HTML Fulltext» PDF» doi: 10.24911/IJMDC.51-1550557218

  9. Epidemiological and clinical characteristics of infants with visceral leishmaniasis hospitalized in Ardabil city Hospital during 20112016
    Adel Ahadi, Manouchehr Barak, Afshan Sharghi, Mehrdad Mirzarahimi, Maryam Mirzaei
    IJMDC. 2019; 3(9): 34-38
    » Abstract » HTML Fulltext» PDF» doi: 10.24911/IJMDC.51-1550649568

  10. Pain assessment and management for children hospitalized in the Pediatric Emergency Department, Military hospital, Al-Kharj, Saudi Arabia
    Abbas Elbakry A. Elsayed, Ahmed Ali Alwosibei, Ahmed Mohammed Aldawsari, Mohammed Saad bin Abdullah Alkhathlan, Rayan Mohammed Alsulaiman, Alwaleed Khalid
    IJMDC. 2019; 3(9): 39-44
    » Abstract » PDF» doi: 10.24911/IJMDC.51-1553413977

  11. Impact of vitamin D deficiency on anxiety in the Saudi population
    Sanaa Moharram Kamal, Ali Abdulaziz Alanzan, Abdulelah Saud Bin Hotan, Ahmed Mohammed Aldawsari, Abdullah Khalid Abdullah Alburayk, Sayil Turki M Alotaibi, Mohannad Abdullah A Alokifi, Abdullah Ali Bin Saqer, Abdullah Khalaf Alanazi
    IJMDC. 2019; 3(9): 45-50
    » Abstract » HTML Fulltext» PDF» doi: 10.24911/IJMDC.51-1555515012

  12. Public perception of plastic surgery in a rapidly growing developing country
    Abdulrahman Abdullah Alsalim, Abdulaziz Alotaibi, Faisal Alhabradi, Salah Aldekhayel
    IJMDC. 2019; 3(9): 51-54
    » Abstract » PDF» doi: 10.24911/IJMDC.51-1555691462

  13. Knowledge of breast cancer among rural women among Saudi Arabian population
    Talal Saad Almukhlifi, Ali Abdulaziz A Alanzan, Sultan Obaid Abdullah Alghuwainem, Sayil Turki M Alotaibi, Mohannad Abdullah A Alokifi, Mohammed Saad Bin Abdullah Alkhathlan, Khalid Fahad Almalki, Alwaleed Khalid Al-Ghannam, Nada Nasser Alkhashlan
    IJMDC. 2019; 3(9): 55-58
    » Abstract » HTML Fulltext» PDF» doi: 10.24911/IJMDC.51-1556807668

  14. Prevalence of gastroesophageal reflux disease among laparoscopic sleeve gastrectomy patients in Saudi Arabia
    Hany Abdelfatah Elhady, Hadeel Sameer Ashour, Abdulrahman Bader A Almazyad, Omnia Ahmad M Shaban, Muaz Belal Wali, Abdualelah Awad Alrashidi, Eman Murdi Abdullah Alshammari, Marzooq Abdullah M Alotaibi, Rahmah Hussain A Abdullah, Rahaf Mohammed Al-Fuhayed, Shouq Saud J Al-Anazi
    IJMDC. 2019; 3(9): 59-64
    » Abstract » HTML Fulltext» PDF» doi: 10.24911/IJMDC.51-1558482019

  15. Case Report

  16. Repair of long standing latrogenic perforation with mineral trioxide aggregate: a case report
    Maha Abdulaziz Alturki
    IJMDC. 2019; 3(9): 65-68
    » Abstract » HTML Fulltext» PDF» doi: 10.24911/IJMDC.51-1553113826

  17. Surface treatment of tooth color indirect restorations
    Maha Abdulaziz Alturki
    IJMDC. 2019; 3(9): 69-71
    » Abstract » PDF» doi: 10.24911/IJMDC.51-1553714401